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Winter Camp

School SEK Guayaquil

WINTER CAMP – Discovering my talents

  • Start date: Monday March 07
  • Closing date: Thursday, March 31
  • Hours: 09:00 to 13:00

Includes daily snack, SEK welcome kit: T-shirt + alcohol spray pendant and materials

Participants from 06 to 15 years old , where you can choose:

  1. SEK Innovation . They will discover their skills with activities in: Audiovisual Production, Minecraft Programming, Robotics.
  2. SEK Athletes of the Future: They will put their talent into practice in: Athletics, Football/Chess, Swimming
  3. SEK Varieties: They will have fun doing: Theater: “Express the artist in you”, Crafts: “Design your t-shirts”, Gardening: “Create your own garden”

Participants from 03 to 5 years old

4. SEK Fun Camp: The little ones can access a mix of kinesthetic varieties that will allow them to enjoy nature and socialize with children of their age in activities such as: Puppets: Role Playing, Tourist Guides: I know the world and Waterfun: I have fun with my friends

Limited quotas


Information: Elsie Arce F.
Phone: 0939323972

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