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School SEK – Guayaquil

School.– Covers accidents of our students, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, inside and outside the School.

Schooling Guarantee.– Possibility of coverage in the event of the death of the financial responsible, in accordance with the specific conditions of the educational services contract.

Warranty features:

Holder: It is the father or mother of the student who registers as holder of the Guarantee in the annual application for registration or enrollment. The maximum age allowed is 60 years.

Beneficiaries: They are the students enrolled in the School, dependents of the Holder, on the date of his death.

Coverage: This guarantee is a complementary service offered by the center for those families who hire it and exclusively covers the value of tuition and tuition during the school year.

The benefits begin the month following the declaration of death of the Holder, until the end of the normal school process of the student (without repeating any course) in the School in which he is enrolled. Under no circumstances is school continuity guaranteed in an educational center that is not part of the SEK International Institution.

The Guarantee is not subject to economic valuation of any kind in the event that due to force majeure the service is temporarily suspended or ceased to be provided. The guarantee will be granted after an analysis of the circumstances and requirements that arise in each case, for which the College may request all the information it deems appropriate.

Exclusions: The aforementioned benefits cannot be granted:

In cases of serious or terminal illness of the Holder existing when enrolling the student for the first time, in the School.
In those cases in which the Holder is not up to date with the payment of all the receipts issued by the College.
When the teaching contract that joins the Holder with the College is not in force.
The College reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the benefits, coverage and exclusions offered by this service. The economic managers will be duly informed of such modifications

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