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School History

SEK – Guayaquil

SEK Guayaquil International School opened its doors for the first time in the city of Guayaquil on February 18th, 1986 in the area of Avenida del Bombero, which is just across the Ceibos residential complex.

And in 1991 because of the trust placed in us by a large number of families, SEK Guayaquil inaugurated its beautiful new school infrastructure and facilities at km. 20.5 Vía a la Costa. These wide range facilities enclose all the necessary services that our students need in order to have a first level education. Within our well resourced facilities, SEK Guayaquil has a Science Laboratory, Art room for workshops, multi-use sports gymnasium, natural and Astroturf soccer fields, tennis courts, swimming pool, Judo, Dance, and Music halls, Nurse office, and dining room and kitchen among others.

Since its founding and up to the present, SEK High Schol has kept its original education style intact, providing free, courageous, and positive critical thinking leaders concerned and committed to the local and world issues, valuing and respecting the diversity of cultures.

With an educational history worldwide of 129 years and 35 years as SEK Guayaquil, we are proud to claim that we have been able to contribute in the learning and human development of many generations. As an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) School in the Diploma Programme (DP) since 1992 and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) already accredited since January 2017, our students IB profile pursues an understanding, a contribution to, and a success in a rapidly changing society.

SEK Guayaquil is growing adjacent to the rhythm of the world, and our technology resources are there to meet the advances and demands of this Twenty-first century inteconnected world. Our classrooms are networked and have SMART Board technology, and this is complemented with the access of iPads to all our students. The school also has a state of the art MAC laboratory as well a Computing Science lab, where Robotics teaching takes place for children of ages three and above. And to share work assignments, receive feedbacks, track progress, there is the browser-based learning environment Moodle.

Since 2009, new projects have been instituted in order to keep up with the pace of an international education:

  • Agreement with IBEC, which has been incorporated since 2009, to provide our students Computer Science sufficiency
  • Teaching of Mandarin as a third language since 2012
  • Agreement with Cambridge in 2013 to become a testing center of  Cambridge English, endorsing our level of English
  • Insertion of Robotics since 2014 to our curriculum to teach children from ages three and above
  • Initiation of the PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Programme) in 2012, and after four years of qualification and monitoring, this January 2017,  the school received the certification that officially authorizes SEK Guayaquil to teach the programme of studies in primary.

Furthermore, all students, wishing to do so, can have direct access to the international programs of the institution and can participate in cultural and sports exchanges as it can be seen in our website.

SEK Guayaquil International School guarantees an excellent education with values as guideline principles applied across its whole curriculum, and a healthy atmosphere that promotes the practice of sports and the development of skills in artistic and technological areas, establishing an integral education that leads us TO BE THE BEST!

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